Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A Musical Offering

For those with an interest in sacred music, the Tallis Scholars are the benchmark for the performance of Renaissance choral music. Details can be found on the ABC's Second Hour program.

Their most recent release is a re-recording of a series of pieces by Allegri and Palestrina, including the so-called Sistine Chapel music. Originally it was never performed outside the Chapel, and no written copies were in circulation until a quiet young lad stopped by the Chapel one day to listen to the choir sing. He went home that night, and wrote down the notes from memory, returning the next day to check a few details. Mozart, of course.

A segment of the signature track Miserere by Allegri can be heard at the Amazon site (Windows media). The CD is fairly readily available in CD stores like JB's and St Francis bookshop in Melbourne city. Buy it!

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