Friday, June 15, 2007

"You are your own God"

Anthony Succar, a quadraplegic author and Catholic activist, has written an impassioned plea against embryonic stem cell research, and the cynicism of those who use the disabled to promote that cause. Here is a man to admire, and who speaks with authority.

The first time I browsed through the comments, I was angered by their dismissive and even vilifying tone. (You'll gather from my last post I can get cranky). The genetic fallacy was everywhere - Anthony's views were wrong because he was a Catholic, and for no other reason. People who believe in any transcendence are fools. All that counts is saving yourself. We even got the old canard: "You are your own god".

I've since re-read the article and the comments, and I have noticed something else. One can't help but be impressed by the desire of so many other people - Christian and non Christian alike - to defend life, and to give it the benefit of the doubt when they are not even sure when life really starts.

"I am not a Catholic, or even a Christian. I hold no organised religion of any kind. I just know the thin edge of the wedge when I see it".

Perhaps there is stiffer resistance to the medical-industrial complex than I thought.

Evil always disintegrates, by virtue of its intrinsic incoherence. New follies will arise until the end of time, but they don't last. Neither will this one, though we may have to endure it for longer than we'd hope.

But then again, who expected the Berlin Wall to fall so quickly? Even evil people tire of evil sooner or later.

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